Canvassing Board

Meetings at the call of the Chairperson

Appointed                                            -4 Year Term-                                        Term Expires:

9/14/23            Wendy Guertin-Nord, Republican appointee                               10/31/27

                        1091N Lex Nelson Rd

                        Gulliver, Michigan 49840                            

03/26/15          James CURRAN, Republican appointee                                      10/31/25

                        7524W Riverview Drive

                        Manistique, Michigan 49854                            

9/14/23           Barb Pollis, Democrat appointee                                          10/31/27

                        4425W S Michibay Dr

                        Manistique, Michigan 49854                            

07/16/16          Sandy WODZINSKI, Democrat appointee                                   10/31/25         

                        6277W Orr Road

                        Manistique, Michigan 49854


Clerk of the Canvass Board

Statutory          Beth A. EDWARDS, County Clerk                                                           Term of Office

                        300 Walnut Street, Room 164

                        Manistique, Michigan 49854

                        Telephone: 906-341-3618