Manistique Township Board

Meeting 3rd Wed of the month in Township Hall at 7 P.M.

Manistique Township Hall/616N River Road/906-341-2238


Elected                                                 -4 Year Term-                                        Term Expires:

                        Manistique Township Supervisor (No Party)

 11/03/20         George PRICE                                                                           11/24/24

                        5623W River Rd.

                        Manistique, MI 49854  

                        Telephone: 906-341-6561
                        [email protected]

                        Manistique Township Clerk

1/1/2022          Melissa WOOD (appointed)                                                       11/24/24

                        PO Box 368

                        Manistique, Michigan 49854

                        Telephone: 906-341-0072

                        [email protected]

                        Manistique Township Treasurer (Republican)

11/08/16          Laurie MCKINNEY                                                                     11/24/24

                        1220N W. Kendall Rd.

                        Manistique, Michigan 49854

                        Telephone: 906-341-3512
                        [email protected]

                        Manistique Township Trustee (Democratic)

11/02/04          Sandra K. DOYLE                                                                       11/24/24

                        5639W River Road

                        Manistique, Michigan 49854

                        Telephone: 906-341-6597
                        [email protected]

                        Manistique Township Trustee

appointed         Kenneth FAGAN                                                                       11/24/24

                        5683W River Road

                        Manistique, Michigan 49854
                        Telephone: 906-341-5223



Manistique Township Assessor:            

Joseph Maki-Level II

PO Box 309

Gladstone, Michigan 49837

Telephone: 906-280-4372
[email protected]